Steamed Mussels with Salsa Verde Recipe

About: This refreshing appetizer activates the palate, combining fresh herbs and a zesty salsa with the salty oceanic flavors of mussels to make a dish that is hard to resist. Add a crusty baguette and a side salad and this dish is transformed into an amply filling main course for two.

Recipe Info

Restaurant: Roseville | San Diego

Servings: 4
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cuisine: California
Meal Type: Dinner
Main Ingredient: mussels
Dish Type: Appetizer
Cooking Method: Steam
Season/Occasion: Any Occasion
Dificulty: Easy
Vegetarian: No


Steamed Mussels

Heat oil to medium heat in a medium sauce pan and add the fennel, leek, garlic, salt and chili flakes.  Once the garlic starts to crackle, add the mussels and stir the ingredients together.  Add the white wine and cover.  Steam until all the mussels are open (3-5 minutes) and finish with butter.  Taste broth and adjust seasoning accordingly.  Serve in a large bowl and spoon the Salsa Verde over the top (see recipe below)

Salsa Verde

Put the minced herbs in a bowl and add the juice and zest from the orange to the mixture.  Cover the herbs with olive oil (enough to saturate) and mix together.  Spoon over the Steamed Mussels.

Salsa Verde Note:

This recipe makes more Salsa Verde than you are likely to need for the Steamed Mussels.  It will keep in the refrigerator for about three days.


1 tsp. garlic, minced 1 bunch(es) parsley, minced 1 C. fennel, julienned 1 bunch(es) basil, minced 1 C. leek, julienned 1 bunch(es) mint, minced 1 C. white wine 1 bunch(es) chives, minced 12-14 black mussels 1 bunch(es) thyme, minced 2 Tbsp. butter 1 orange, juiced and zested salt to taste olive oil to taste 1 dash chili flakes, to taste 1 Tbsp. olive oil


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