A New and Revised Generation in Food Preparation

Automats, first opened in 1912, are fast food restaurants with coin and bill-operated vending machines that serve simple foods and drink. While the trend has long since gone out of business due to the rise in suburban developments and the need for drive-thrus that cater to motor vehicles, they are now making a re-emergence in fun and innovative new forms. The latest is a vending machine in Italy that makes fresh pizza for the low price of $4.50. This intriguing device does much more than just heat a frozen or pre-made pizza but actually goes so far as to mixing flour and water to form the dough, flattening it, adding toppings from a selection of four ingredients, and baking it. The customer who purchases one of these will get even more bang for their buck as they watch the entire process through a small glass window on the machine.

While this has yet to be marketed in the United States, similar places are starting to pop up around the country. One example is Bamn! Automat in New York City, a retro joint that serves all their food vending-style, from Mac ‘n Cheese Croquettes and mouth-watering Burgers to Green Tea Soft-Serve.

To read more about the latest automat, follow the link to the New York Times article “In Italy, A Vending Machine Even Makes the Pizza”.


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