Calling All Experts!

Dear Readers,

We at are always interested to learn about the restaurants that are catching our customers’ attention. Whether it’s a hot new spot sizzling with that certain “it” quality, or that oh-so sentimental family-favorite serving up grandmother’s trademark dishes; we want to know about the restaurants that get you excited and hungry for more.

So, fill us in, Dallas! Where do you go for the most invigorating bite of sushi? Which joint do you hail as bringing the best burger? And don’t forget that a stroll down Memory Lane is always worth the trip: Does remembering one particular meal on the town still make your mouth water, and heart throb? Share all the juicy details… especially if they involve a nice steak.

We invite you to write us at [email protected], and serve up the W’s on the restaurant of your choice – Where is this culinary gem located? Who’s on either side of the kitchen door? What’s on the menu, and your plate? And why should we know about it?

And remember, submissions must describe fine dining restaurants that are not already listed on our site. When narrowing down your options for which restaurant to write about, we encourage you to consider questions we ask ourselves before approaching new listings for our websites: 1) is this restaurant considered a fine dining establishment? 2) Does it accommodate varying party sizes? 3) What unique features doe it boast? Also, we know from experience that a great meal can excite passion in the soul, and that passion has a way of translating into an exceptionally high word count. For that reason, keep the food-induced revelry to 500 words or less. Finally, please identify your entry by placing “My Pick” in the subject line of the email.

This is your chance to let out the true foodie within… We look forward to learning a thing or two from the expert on this subject, you.

Hope to hear from you soon,

The entire team

P.S. Don’t forget, the most memorable submissions to introduce us to the unique quality of dining experience we promote on may find a savory reward in the process.     


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