Dan Aykroyd Launches His Own Brand of Wines

Blues Brother, Ghostbuster, Conehead, and… Wine Connoisseur ?  Actor and Comedian Dan Aykroyd will soon be adding the latter title to his resume with the release of his new brand of Sonoma County wines. Aykroyd is no stranger to the wine business, having released a Canadian label, Dan Aykroyd’s Signature Reserves, which won the Wine of the Year award at the Ontario Wine awards in 2005 for his Vidal Icewine. This new label, however, will be his first release in the United States.  In collaboration with the De Loach vineyards, Aykroyd’s new wine will be released under the label Dan Aykroyd Discovery series.  According to colleagues, the actor/comedian is devoted to the production of his signature brand, dedicating himself to tasting and production. He even got down and dirty with some old fashioned grape-stomping when he and Jean-Charles Boisset, the President of De Loach, had the kickoff party for their collaboration on September 18th. The actor first developed an interest for wine during the filming of The Blues Brothers in 1979 when one of the film’s band members, Steve Cropper, gave him a taste of Napa Cabernet Sauvignon.  From there Aykroyd’s interests motivated him to travel to France and other notable wine regions. Look for Aykroyd’s label in local stores: the first wines to be released off the label will be a Chardonnay and a Cabernet Sauvignon from Sonoma’s 2007 vintage.

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