How Green Is Your Pork?

It seems the trend of “going green” now extends to our meat – a recent article from explains how research developed at the University of Guelph, Canada, has led to a new genetically engineered breed of pig that releases fewer harmful toxins into the environment by excreting cleaner waste. Mouse DNA is locked into the Yorkshire pig’s chromosomes that carry the bacterial protein, phytase gene; this protein allows the piggy to better digest phosphorous, thus releasing up to 60% less of it into the environment through runoff. The fate of the Enviropig is still unsure as the FDA has yet to declare the meat safe to eat. Moreover, the politics behind this mouse-infused hog run deep, and many are questioning whether or not consumers will embrace an Enviropig roast. Read on and learn how companies may not have to tell you exactly how green your pork chop really is.


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