Make Cupcakes, Not War

A sweet new trend is emerging in Amman, Jordan and apparently doing more than just satisfy sweet-tooth’s worldwide; cupcakes have taken a small step toward bridging the combative Middle Eastern divide.  Trendy cupcake shop, Sugar Daddy’s is all the rage thanks to Fadi Jaber, son of Palestinian refugees, who escaped to America and had his life changed by a vanilla cupcake from Magnolia Bakery in Greenwich Village. In 2004, following an ah-ha moment with this sweet treat, he took a baking internship.  In 2007, Jaber took his expertise back to the streets of Jordan, determined to turn this non-traditional treat into a popular favorite. In the last year, three online cupcake shops have opened in Tel Aviv, creating some common ground amongst the divided lands. Jaber claims cupcakes have a universal appeal that beats out any local Anti-Americanism, uniting dueling opinions on a positive topic. That is a sweet success!


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