Read This Over Coffee

Your morning cup of coffee might taste even better after you read Judy Foreman’s article, “Read This over Coffee,” in the Los Angeles Time’s Health section. Foreman highlights some of the latest research and studies that suggest drinking coffee might not actually be as bad for us as everyone used to think. In fact, much of the research that is quickly gaining credibility in scientific and medical communities suggests that the moderate consumption of coffee may even carry certain health benefits.

But why the change of heart? How could a drink that was once vilified for causing a number of health problems suddenly be hailed for being a healthful choice? It seems that many of the older reports that warned against the consumption of coffee failed to differentiate between test subjects’ coffee intake and their smoking habits.

Read Foreman’s full article to learn not only why scientists and physicians stress the difference between coffee consumption and caffeine intake, but also which specific health issues coffee affects and why.


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