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10 8 Hrabal

Address: Irgalmasok Utcája 2, Pécs, 7621

10 8 Pécs Hrabal Éterem-Söröző

Address: Irgalmasok u. 2, Pécs, 7621

10 8 Krak'n Town Steampunk Saloon

Address: József Körút 31, Budapest, 1085

10 8 Taj Mahal

Address: Szondi u. 40, Budapest, 1067
Taj Mahal
Market fresh ingredients and the most traditional recipes come together at Taj Mahal boasting an unrivaled reputation for the real Indian taste in Budapest, giving patrons a chance to experience the authentic flavours of India. Taj Mahal offers a menu with an irresistible selection of Indian fare. Besides the all-time curry favorites, Taj Mahal spiced up its menu with an impressive amount of careful selections from all around India. The mouth-watering new delicacies include special seafood specialties, kebabs, spicy lamb dishes, freshly baked bread and of course a wide selection of vegetarian dishes. There is something to please every palate! ...