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10 8 Dragonfly Restaurant

Address: 118 N Peak St, Dallas, TX 75226
This venue is no longer open.

10 8 Fuse

Address: 1512 Commerce Street, Suite 100, Dallas, TX 75201
Located in the lobby of the newly renovated Dallas Power and Light building, Fuse Restaurant is the latest in concept fusion dining. This complex, multi-level, 1904 ex-store/warehouse is located in downtown Dallas, where a renaissance of new retail and dining has emerged. While still keeping true to the original Art Deco style of the historic building, Fuse has managed to blend industrial d├ęcor with an Asian flare. The restaurant has concrete floors, metal chairs and railings mixed with bamboo walls, stone figurines and bamboo place mats. The Tex-Asian cuisine was given a four star rating by the Dallas Morning News ...