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Ken F.

Andis Wines in California's Shenandoah Valley is a great place for a glass of their excellent wine and a classic fall California sunset.

Katie G.

Y’all did a phenomenal job at the social distancing part of wine tasting. Perfect day to feel out and about again. Thanks so much!

Anne S.

Winer server seemed overly rehearsed and told us more about herself than the wines. Wine was delicious. We were the only table without a heater which made it very cold. Beautiful scenery and location.

Tawny S.

Lorenzo and team are amazing. Beautiful vineyard and outdoor tasting area with delicious wines and extremely knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend a visit.

Kim G.

Multiple guests were walking away from their tables without masks on. Staff made no efforts to ask them to either put mask on in common areas, or stay at table. It was very disappointing.

Laurie S.

Love you guys

Sue R.

Wonderful setting to sip wine! Excellent service shown with appreciation.

Gerry R.

They were friendly and attentive. Great service and such a beautiful view.

Amanda D.

Amazing service, and on an extremely busy day! The staff took plenty of time to sanitize between guests and made us feel safe and comfortable. Can't wait to go back!

Michael p.

This was a great place to relax outside looking over the vineyard enjoying good wine.