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Joy S.

We enjoyed our dinner at Buckley's.

Jessie and Sherrie M.

This was our first time there but most certainly not our last. This was one of the best experiences we’ve had from the guy at who seated us and all the other staff. The food was sooo delicious as well as the drinks.

Patty D.

Buckley’s is always wonderful. Food was great as well as service.

Kim V.

Great food outstanding service love keeping it local !

Dolores E.

Food was great and service! Prices are up and charging for sides not good! Bring back coupons!!!

Tonja B.

The FOOD and ATMOSPHERE was OUTSTANDING! I would go again and again!

Rod L.

The food was great & I would like to see a service challenge which will create an even tighter family push within staff - not to say that's an issue - nor if that option hasn't been an event already expressed - however with the ambiance level it would be fun to see a name plate of each teammates success

Patti L.

As always, great service, great food, and great ambience. A well-run establishment, That we always love coming back to!

Walker U.

Great fun and service was excellent!

Marilyn B.

It seemed to take a little bit long for our food to come, but everything else was great.