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Aleks S.

Always superb

Gail R.

We had an exceptional waiter-William! Food was delicious!

Gary H.

Excellent as always! Please return Parmesan Peppercorn and Hiney Mustard dressings for your salads.

Carolyn H.

The Brussels sprouts are to die for.

Liz D.

Buckley's never disappoints. It's one of our favorite local restaurants, where we can get a great meal and visit with the staff, who are some of our favorite's like being at home. We are big believers in supporting local businesses and this is a business that we support on a weekly basis. With the Covid-19 restrictions, we try to do our part to make sure our favorite places don't go out of business.

Rebecca E.

We truly enjoyed our dining experience. Our server William was fantastic and the food was delicious.

Kathleene S.

Both of us felt that the salad would be more enjoyable if the greens were mixed and cut up more. It was even hard to cut some of them up at all. I know why you can't have oil and vinegar separate, but can you figure out some way to offer it? ..maybe mixed in one of those cups that the other dressing comes in.

Adam B.

Service & food was great!

Joya W.

I really enjoyed this place. It was my first time going. Food was delicious and the service was amazing. I would definitely go back again.

Andrew K.

I really enjoy the food and service!