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Jens W.

We enjoyed the wines, especially the blends. The Bordeaux blend was fantastic as were the Rhone style wines. Friendly staff made the tasting even better. Definitely a visit

Luke A.

We had a wonderful tasting experience with Sean (and another gentlemen who left to do a tasting upstairs) We prefer white wines and they were happy to accommodate us with an all white tasting flight, even breaking out some past vintages. We left with 4 bottles :)

Lynda P.

We loved everything about the elevated experience tour with Danny on December 26th. The only thing I thought about afterwards was that we didn’t learn about wine club options, but I’ll be back and look into them next time!

Mark L.

Dan is golden to your establishment

doug d.

Thanks for the great experience. We really enjoyed our tasting and will tell our friends!

Geri M.

Service was great. Wines were incredible. We liked pretty much everything and even bought a bottle of one we hadn’t tried because the others were so good. You will not be disappointed. Black Label wines were worth it. Didn’t try the food but others were eating and seemed genuinely happy.

Marco G.

We had a great time at your Winery and Danny one of uour two host was very informative and knowledgeable on your selection of wines and explaining the differences!! We'll definitely recommend your Winery to family and friends next time their on Paso Robles for a visit!!

Jeff S.

Always a great experience at Derby, especially with Danny offering comparisons of different vintages of the same varietals. Wines are wonderful and remain reasonably priced. As regards this survey tool itself, there should be a "N/A" option, as with this visit to Derby we did not order any food.

Teresa J.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Derby. We arrived a few minutes before our appointment time and were waiting on another guest and were offered a tour of the facility, since they weren't busy yet, while we waited. The wines were wonderful and our servers were knowledgeable and most importantly FUN while serving us.

Jean F.

Staff was so accommodating and nice, making sure the table was comfortable and not too windy! Wine was delicious