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Karen A.

Having heard many great things about them and having experienced a brunch there a few months back we thought we’d definitely like to try out a dinner service. The online booking was super easy and efficient as well. It was a brilliant decision. The atmosphere is pleasant. It’s extremely well maintained and clean. The staff were wonderfully helpful and friendly. Took time to answer questions and made great suggestions. The food? Exquisite. Everything came hot and cooked to the requested temp and was perfection. Flavours were delicious! We did not feel we were being rushed along and we thoroughly enjoyed our dinner there. We will definitely be returning. We have already told our friends they need to go! If I had any complaint it would be to add more whipped cream to the Erin Mess! Lol but that’s just cause I love whipped cream.

Graydon M.

Excellent restaurant in all areas! I’ve never been disappointed in any aspect of this place! Keep up the great service.

Kristy G.

A gem- excellent food/ good value

Elizabeth E.

Open, clean, welcoming and food is delicious and artistically presented.

Theresa M.

I had the tenderloin with mashed potato and it was delicious. Also had a margarita that was ok but would have preferred it with crushed ice. Overall I really enjoyed the experience of eating at Dickie Baxter. Lovely atmosphere with lots of natural light and hanging plants.

Dan H.

Great place. We will be back.

Shelley M.

I liked the online reservation system,although when we arrived there was not a small table for us but they did give us the large high stool table so it worked out. Food was delicious! Along with presentation. I loved how hot the food was and it was a good sized portion. I did find it loud - it echoes off the high ceilings but overall it was a very pleasant experience. Will try lunch/brunch next!

Heather L.

Fantastic experience. Food was delightful as was the service. We will definitely be back!

Jane H.

Love your new establishment. Great addition to the area! Food, staff, ambiance all A1. If you are looking for suggestions: quite noisy when a large crowd is present. High ceilings and hard surfaces make pleasing acoustics difficult. Not sure if there is a solution. Also, the chairs at the height top table are heavy and awkward. Neither will stop me from coming back … you asked. See you soon!

Mary Lou P.

Lovely evening, beautiful spot, great food and amazing service!