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Deborah C.

We had a wonderful meal at Ginger Olive prior to seeing a show. The staff were wonderful and the food was magnificent. Would definitely return next time I'm in Melbourne.

Camilla E.

Fairly strict conditions for booking (needing $20 deposit pp) and time limits, but other than that was overall an excellent experience. Good was amazing, ribs fell off the bone, so tasty! Service was great and price/value for money was very good. Will definitely recommend and return when back in Melbourne

Warwick G.

Very nice experience at this restaurant, friendly staff, amazing food, good location, fast service.

meredith M.

the owners are just so lovely.the waiter was so gracious and kind in advising us with the menu. The food is delicious and always of a high standard. i came back to make sure it really was as good as i thought the first time. AMAZING!

Jo D.

We had the meat platter and it was absolutely delicious. The beef rib was so tender, it FEL right off the bone. Will definitely be repeat customers.

Cynthia S.

The food and the service were excellent. We highly recommend it.

Dani R.

Food was wonderful and the staff were very attentive. Thanks for a lovely meal

Peter M.

Old school service and excellent food ! 10 out of 10

Tessie L.

The signature's seafood platter was well grilled with well-balanced mixed with salad. The meat dish we got on the side was tender :-) it was a good overall experience and love to go back and introduce to other friends!

Dragana B.

The food was very nice. We took friends with us this time and they liked it too.