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John K.

Great time - Great Wine

Paula L.

We love JOLO. We are Premier Club members and brought a friend with us who also became a Premier Club member

Mark S.

We loved all the wines in the tasting and our server was excellent and extremely informative about each wine and the history of the vineyard.

Joan H.

Thanks for a magical experience! Each time we bring family and friends to JOLO, they LOVE LOVE the wine, love the food, and think the property is amazing. This is one of our favorite go to places.

Sherrie W.

Was a beautiful day ! Delicious food and wine and lovely , friendly service. Our favorite winery.

Renee E.

Awesome salmon and awesome staff

Chris W.

A little pricey, but really not unreasonable for the great service and atmosphere.

Stephen H.

My wife and I first stumbled upon JOLO winery in April, 2014, the year it opened. We had a magical experience then; we were sitting outside with our son who was visiting us, all the other customers were seated in the indoor dining room, and we were left to enjoy a beautiful Spring evening, a candlelit candelabra on the table, and several very green but very sweet servers waiting on us. Although we had arrived in our hiking clothes, knowing nothing about the place, and had walked into the foyer to find the wait staff in tuxes, and suggested to one of them that we were underdressed and would return another day, nonetheless, we were told we were fine and very welcome to stay. This recent visit, on the occasion of our 37th anniversary, we also had a wonderful experience, with many things having changed since 2014 including a more accessible menu (price-wise) but no less excellent, and a more casual, relaxed ambience, all welcome changes. We stayed until closing time after a fun wine tasting with the charming and enthusiastic sommelier, a delicious meal, and a very competent and friendly young man as our server, who had worked at JOLO since high school a few years ago. On this recent visit there were many more guests than back in 2014, a good number seated at several tables, in a greatly expanded and attractive outdoor seating area. The view of the green lawn sloping down to a pond, the valley spread out beyond, and an impressive view of the singular Pilot Mountain on the horizon, a truly lovely landscape that remained unchanged since our last visit. As for the wines, they are without doubt the best we have tasted in North Carolina, and frankly, in my experience, they rival many others wines from both the U.S. and abroad. It is no wonderful the JOLO wines have won an impressive number of prizes during the past few years. We are grateful to all at JOLO’s who worked to make our special day even more so, a perfect end to our anniversary celebrations.

Phyllis C.

Our first visit and we will definitely return. Food was delicious and wine excellent. We enjoyed eating outside and the views were so peaceful

Michael P.

We had a great time and everything was done with a spirit of excellence!