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Kimberly P.

The location was beautiful and the wines were nice. My concern is the number of people confined to a small space, most of whom were not wearing masks. When we checked in for our reservation we were told “masks are optional”, hence none of the guests wore a mask (the hostesses fortunately were wearing masks). Social distancing was non-existent during the “pick up” party where there were large groups of people sitting together drinking and eating. Of the three cooks in the kitchen, two were wearing masks below their mouth and nose. The servers were wearing face shields but not masks, possibly protecting themselves but not their guests. For this reason, I would advise against going to this winery until pandemic has subsided, especially if you are in the “high risk” category.

Janet P.

Food was excellent and the staff was so much fun. Made you feel right at home

Nancy M.

We did not have any food but it looked amazing. This was my 93rd NC wine tasting. Yours is one of the highest for not including a glass. The server was very knowledgeable A nice afternoon with friends

Meg M.

The food, wine, service, and outdoor seating area were excellent! We will be back.

Lauren C.

Our time at JOLO was amazing, the food and wine was fantastic and we had such a good time.

Steve A.

Very enjoyable. Will definitely be back

Gabby B.

Service was excellent! Great North Carolina winery!

Nicole C.

Suggest tasting wines that are actually available to purchase! Also, the number of people shouldn’t be an issue (within reason) if no chairs were being used at the wine tastings. We had to stand the whole time.

Mary Walter H.

Jerry Ann was awesome. We will be back.

James s.

Great time, service, food and view!