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Qhris M.

Amazing food and super friendly staff

Jacy R.

Affordable, tasty food with a great ambience. Will definitely come back again!

Remedor G.

We're group of 6 from San Diego, California. The food they served was outstanding! Ordered most in the menu and they were delicious!

Gyb H.

Super bra!!!!

Reniel T.

Authentic Filipino cuisine in Stockholm. I'm so happy to have found it! The flavors are well-balanced: not too strong but also very familiar. A great addition to the Asian culinary landscape in Stockholm!

Bella S.

I'm soooo happy Filipino food is finally coming to Stockholm

Jellymae K.

It was quite very smelly since they had leakage in their bathroom. Great food but bad timing eating while having that funky smell!

Editha T.

The food was very tasty. It would have been nice if there is sinigang and adobo in the menu.Lots of luck!

Marjorie D.

Food was great, fair priced and excellent service from reservation to sit in dining. Music choices reminds of home. Smell coming from the air vents is terrible and inconvenient. Seats can be more comfortable. The high tables and high seats, while I get that it is part of the charm, is not short people friendly.

Jay N.

The foods are good. Love the ukoy!!! The waiting for our food took a little bit longer, all in all is great experience.