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Jacob M.

Here on a Friday night for the Cookout. Excellent food, but for some reason I wasn't expecting having to actually cook my own steak (no big deal, but I suppose that's where the "cookout" comes from, eh?)... Strongly recommend getting your wine/beer *before* cooking, though. If it's a busy night, it can take a while to work through the line and get your drinks while your food sits and gets cold :(

Michael B.

Date night for my wife and I. Great food, drinks and staff.

Patricia L.

We have no complaints, everything was perfect. Wine was awesome as was the fillet! Thank you very much! Will be there again, for sure!!

Norkeita H.

Our family had an amazing was their first time and they really enjoyed themselves

Debbie L.

We were there on a busy Saturday. For some reason we did not realize WE were cooking the steaks. Just alot to try and fumble with steaks,plates ,and drinks. Long line to get drinks and maneuver way through drink line with your hands full. Atmosphere was great outside after we ate.

Sandra G.

I love valley Vinyard customer service the best food excellent music so great. 10 all around. I respect it to everyone.

Leslie H.

We had the best time at the cookout! We will definitely come back again soon.

Sonya H.

Absolutely love this place!!

Jim T.

Great time !

Karen K.

It would have been a perfect 10 across the board if Grandma's desserts were still around.