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Keith M.

TBH it was unreal! The staff were deadly! She's was very in turn with us! Great spot

Clíona L.

Gorgeous food. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Vinko V.

Everything was excellent.

Robyn O F.

Staff were very attentive and friendly. Food was delicious! It’s my second time there and would go back again. Thanx

Alan K.

Very safe , great atmosphere, superb staff, great food what more could you ask for !

Joanne R.

Such lovely staff who go out of their way. Lovely food, another vegetarian main option would he great or even a fish option. We had a really lovely time here again mostly down to great staff.

Mary O.

We were rushing to a play in the cat club. We really should have allowed more time. The ambience was great, lovely to sip cocktails at the bar. We had nachos (at the bar ) and they were very nice. I definitely would return To “The White Rabbit” bar again . Even though I hate the name —I can just imagine that poor rabbit .


Overall the trip to white rabbit was 'grand' but will not be returning nor recommending. We booked white rabbit with the kids(5+8) agreeing that would eat sloppy joes which were on the online menu. We arrived to a different kids menu, hot dogs instead. They agreed to that, upon ordering we were told no hot dogs. This being the only kids menu meat, it was very disappointing. Perhaps miss communication but I ordered another meat just in a bun for the kids and it came with coleslaw which neither of them liked. We requested another table in the corner, told it was not possible but yet a smaller party used that table whilst we were there. We tried to order cocktails to be told the bar tender was off sick, yet he arrived during our visit with all his cocktail ingredients. I felt my food was cold, but was put out by the experience upto that point I just ate it. I was very disappointed with the trip which is an awful pity as we were out to celebrate a birthday. Unfortunately we won't be visiting again.


Highly recommend. Will be back .

Siobhan L.

Had a really enjoyable experience. The food and service from waiters were excellent. Thank you