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Albane R.

This place is a rare gem ! Cozy and welcoming with typical confort food made with love. I will come back for sure ! Ice on the cake the owner is speaking Danish, English, Arabic and French !

Naoko F.

I had a beef tagine which was very good. Next time I go, I want to try the chicken tagine. The inside of the store is not so big, but it is a very cozy place.

Cecilie S.

They were closed

Arden B.

Excellent and friendly service. The food was very nice, and the servings were large considering the price. Highly recommend for an authentic taste of Morocco (the owners are from Casablanca).

Aude B.

Really nice people and the food was really good as well.

Michael G.

The food was extremely good. But the best part was the service and hospitality.

Stine R.

Such a great place for dinner for a small group

Gitte N.

Perfect atmosphere. You could screw up for the spices, I think.