Thai Restaurants

Siam Society Bistro and Bar

Address: 2703 NE Alberta St., Portland, OR 97211
Siam Society Bistro and Bar
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The essence of traditional, vibrant Thai cuisine can be found in the heart of Portland – Siam Society Bistro and Bar preserves the rich cultural heritage of authentic Thai cooking and offers guests a savory culinary tour of the country with each dish served. From their selection of hand-ground curries to their commitment to using locally sourced meats and produce whenever possible, Siam Society ensures each dish reflects their dedication to quality and flavor. In fact, this pledge to providing guests with the best of the best has led to full vegetarian, vegan, and wheat-free menus to deprive no one …


Address: 2310 NW Everett St., Portland, OR 97210
Celebrating the vibrant flavors of her homeland, Chef Bo Lohasawat Kline has created an impressively delicious menu that highlights the full spectrum of Thai cuisine from classic street food staples to the fare of royalty. Showcasing the intrinsically artful palette of Thai cuisine presentation and depths of flavor, Chef Bo brings out the masterpiece in every dish. From decadent seafood creations to warming curries and noodle dishes, the Typhoon! Menu caters to many different palates and cravings. Offering a flood of tasty and satisfying goodness, Typhoon! Is a storm of deliciousness.

Kinara Thai Bistro

Address: 1126 SW 18th Ave., Portland, OR 97205

Cha Ba Thai

Address: 5810 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97213

Pok Pok

Address: 3226 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202


Address: 1924 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97201