China Town Restaurants

10 8 R & G Lounge

Address: 631 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA 94108
R & G Lounge
R & G Lounge offers diners traditional Cantonese cuisine right from the heart of Chinatown. The interior décor is very modern, with stainless steal countertops and uniquely designed accents on the ceilings and walls. Along the walls, carnivorous diners have the opportunity to scope out their meal: fish tanks filled with live seafood just waiting to be ordered. R & G Lounge is known for its signature Salt and Pepper Dungeness Crab as well as other seafood-centered dishes. Seafood isn’t the only protein option available, however. Plenty of dishes star beef, pork, and chicken as their main ingredient. The menu …

10 8 Four Seas

Address: 731 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108-2113
Four Seas
Four Seas Restaurant in Chinatown has been serving celebrities, politicians, tourists, and locals since 1960. While the ambience offers traditional Chinese art and pottery as well as “white tablecloth” service, the menu offers diners an affordable and diverse selection of authentic Cantonese cuisine. Lunchtime presents the ever popular dim sum, which allows patrons to sample a choice of any number of an impressive 35 menu items. A full bar with lounge is a nice place to grab a drink and relax. Four Seas can also accommodate private groups from 50 to 500, with group dining menus offering a wide range …

10 8 Empress of China

Address: 838 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108-1738
Empress of China
The only high-rise Chinese roof garden restaurant in Chinatown, Empress of China offers breathtaking views of the San Francisco skyline including Nob Hill, Coit Tower, North Beach, and Russian Hill to patrons in search of fine Chinese cuisine. Empress of China offers lunch during the week from 11:30am to 3pm. The cocktail lounge offers 50% off of drinks and appetizers every day from 3pm to 5pm for happy hour. Dinner is served from 5pm to 10pm during the week and 11:30am to 10pm on weekends. The menu is expansive with Chinese delicacies and the service is impressive with tuxedoed waiting …

10 8 Daffodil

Address: 665 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94108
Daffodil Restaurant radiates the sunny charm of its namesake. Located in the Orchard Hotel, this sun-swept restaurant emphasizes the art of culinary balance and communal feasting. Executive Chef Russell Rummer creates imaginative and seasonal small plates designed for sharing, which when masterfully paired with wines from the restaurant’s extensive and exquisite collection, achieve a dining experience that is as transcendent as the restaurant’s décor. For those with heartier appetites, larger plates are also available, complete with their own wine recommendations. A bright and airy glass-walled private wine room enables diners seeking a more intimate gastronomic affair to focus on their …

10 8 Yee's Restaurant

Address: 1131 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133

10 8 Far East Cafe

Address: 631 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108-2401
Far East Cafe
Located in the heart of Chinatown and two blocks away from the Old St. Mary’s Church, Far East Café invites all patrons to enjoy their authentic Chinese cuisine. Their entrees consistent of house favorite Soy Sauce Chicken and Mongolian Beef that are mixed and cooked with their secret spices. Their establishment has an Upper Banquet and VIP rooms to hold big parties and offers a Special Menu for guests. In addition, Far East Café offers four tiers of group dinner menus that vary in entrees and prices.

10 8 Bow Hon

Address: 850 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108
Bow Hon
Bow Hon Restaurant on Grant Avenue is right in the middle of Chinatown, offering Chinese cuisine to locals and tourists. Bow Hon specializes in preparing most of their dishes in clay pots, a technique using the clay pot as the pan and the serving plate. These clay pot entrees come filled with variety of ingredients to create a delicious bowl that your stomach will enjoy.

10 8 Kan's Restaurant

Address: 708 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108
Kan's Restaurant
It goes without saying, visitors cannot walk down a single block in Chinatown without passing by a cluster of Chinese restaurants. Kan’s Restaurant, located on the corner of Grant and Sacramento, is a haven for those hungry diners in search for an affordable meal. Kan’s is easy to find. Just look for the sidewalk sales lady urging potential guests up the staircase to the restaurant. Patrons will find a traditional menu with familiar dishes like pork buns, shrimp wontons, and beef chow fun. Eating under the glass chandeliers and Chinese lanterns gives a nostalgic feel. Guests can also sip on …

10 8 Maggie's Cafe

Address: 848 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108
Maggie's Cafe
Bubble Tea, casually known as “Boba”, is a delightful drink. Visitors to Chinatown can find numerous variations of this bubbly drink at Maggie’s Café on Grant Ave between Clay and Washington. Boba beverages range from fruity to coffee flavors, all with an ample amount of large tapioca “bubbles” resting at the bottom of the cup. Customers cannot help but smile when sipping Maggie’s boba tea through oversized plastic straws. One of the most popular flavors of boba tea is the Hong Kong Milk Tea, a black tea sweetened with thick condensed milk. While ordering drinks at Maggie’s Café, patrons are …

10 8 Floating Sushi Boat

Address: 700 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108-2114
Floating Sushi Boat
Located in Chinatown, Floating Sushi Boat offers guest Japanese cuisine when Chinese cuisine doesn’t sound too tempting. Floating Sushi Boat offers small plates of sushi rolls that float on traditional Japanese boats called “wasen” that circle around the sushi bar. See a roll you would like to taste, grab the dish as they pass by before someone else does and indulge. In addition to their creative way to distribute their sushi rolls, Floating Sushi Boat offers Japanese dishes as well if sushi isn’t your cup of tea.

10 8 House of Nanking

Address: 919 Kearny Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

10 8 Capital Restaurant

Address: 839 Clay Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

10 8 Lucky Creation Vegetarian Restaurant

Address: 854 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

10 8 Oriental Pearl

Address: 760 Clay Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

10 8 Hong Kong Clay Pot

Address: 960 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108

10 8 Hunan Homes Restaurant

Address: 622 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94133

10 8 Golden Star

Address: 11 Walter U Lum Place, San Francisco, CA 94108

10 8 The Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton

Address: 600 Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA 94108
The Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton
An evening at the Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton is an invitation for indulgence. While sipping a glass of wine personally recommended by Dining Room sommelier Stephane Lacroix, diners are lulled into a satisfied stupor by the dulcet tones of the live harpist. Chef Ron Siegel’s exquisite and innovative menu supports this pampering ambiance. Noted for his Iron Chef victory, Chef Siegel expertly blends classic French influences with distinctly Japanese ingredients to create dishes that are exciting and utterly extravagant. Amidst the bustle of San Francisco city life, the Dining Room at the Ritz-Carlton is a welcome respite, a delightfully …

10 8 Sam Wo

Address: 813 Washington Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

10 8 Chinatown Food Court

Address: 601 Grant Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94108