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Sandy/Jeff W.

Enjoyed ambiance of cozy table near the fireplace. Great food , service and beer. Appreciate that he owner introduced herself and shared her story. Would definitely recommend this place.

Chad C.

One of the best restaurants in the area. Great food, great service and excellent staff. I simply do not understand why this place isn't packed every day.

Luke S.

Great food, drinks, and customer service! I would definitely go back. You can tell that the owners care about the place and are trying the make the best out of a terrible situation having opened up right before Covid struck, and now the main road (US 23) is tore up and keeping customers away. I will definitely be back!

Kevin M.

The food and service was excellent and we appreciate how the Brew House is handling the Covid situation. We dropped the going to the Mountain for the Brew House for a night on the town.

sharon m.

we always enjoy our experience at this establishment

Erika H.

We always enjoy our visits to Alcona Brew Haus! The igloo was much appreciated since we have not been able to get vaccinated yet.

Joanne B.

Love going to the Brew Haus! Excellent food, service & beer every time we go!

Jerry B.

It was an interesting evening under the igloo. The food is good, and the service is good.

Amy S.

Great experience and chat with the owner!! I will be returning

Jonathan S.

Staff was very friendly and descriptive of their establishment and menu. Food was great and we felt welcomed. Thanks for a great Valentine's outing.