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Tony H.

Having to use an igloo isn’t the greatest but it’s better then not getting out at all. Our burger was over cooked but still tasted good. Ordered medium and there was no pink at all. We don’t really complain when out to eat. Overall a good experience.

Shannon L.

We loved everything about our visit and can't wait to return when they are open for indoor dining.

Daniel B.

Great food, very pleasant wait staff.

Kevin C.

Live the igloos and pizza

Ami E.

LOVED our dining experience. Everything was a 10. The food was great and the atmosphere was very cool. It was so nice to go and have a hot, fresh meal out with the closures. I hope that they keep the igloo's when the restrictions are lifted because it was a very cool dining experience in the winter in Northern MI. 5 STARS, I highly recommend visiting the Brewhaus. Beer, Cider's and Food was all AMAZING! Thank you for giving us a bit of normal back.

Lauren D.

Great meal and beer. Thanks for keeping vegetarian options on the limited menu! ❤

Cindi A.

The staff followed safety precautions, so we felt very comfortable dining at the Brew Haus. Food was very good! Staff was attentive. We will be reserving again.

Jackie F.

Loved the food, service and the Igloo. Safety protocols were followed. Great experience.

Jan D.

Felt safe and secure; food was delicious; wait staff were very considerate and efficient. Thoroughly enjoyed our experience in "outdoor" dining. Hope to come back again!!

Maggie B.

The staff was so friendly and responsive!! The igloo experience was very fun and an innovative way to provide a dining experience that meets ALL COVID standards. Thank you Brew Haus, we will be back!