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Adriana K.

Very happy with everithing, food was really nice, large variety. Staff very friendly and advice when need it.

Simon H.

Great food, great service. Love this restaurant

Christine W.

We really enjoyed our meal as both my grandsons are half Turkish and living back here with there mother my daughter as they all speak Turkish it was lovely for them to speak it . The meal they said reminds them of turkey.

Kate T.

Fantastic restaurant with a really lovely ambience and delicious food. Excellent service, in particular from one waiter whose name sadly we didn't get.

Tricia F.

Loved everything, the food, the staff and the ambience, will definitely return x

Louise F.

We had a wonderful time. Fast, friendly service, fantastic food AND the staff came and wished Mama 'Happy Birthday!' We LOVE this place. xXx

Phil C.

All the staff here are brilliant. They go above & beyond. Can’t say enough good things about this restaurant

Jane W.

Excellent restaurant, the food is always so good

Angela T.

NYE I expected it to be busy, tables are crammed together. Apart from that we had a lovely time and will be back

Cheryl R.

Absolutely love this place! Staff are great with not only me but my children aswell. My 10month old loved his first dining experience