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Judy K.

Love this little bistro! Food was great, service was spot on. Will definitely make this a regular dinner stop.

Tina M.

What a lovely restaurant. The seating in the garden area is perfect as summer weather arrives. Staff was attentive and friendly, the food delicious, and the atmosphere makes the evening feel special. Of note, the dinner menu is pricey. I can’t wait to have brunch there next.

Mary Mikel S.

Loved it so much we’ll be back for brunch!

Brianna E.

The Alaska halibut !!!

Homero P.

Great atmosphere and the staff were very nice

Jessica T.

Honestly the best experience I could ask for my 30th bday. Food was amazing, cocktails were delicious and the view and ambiance was by far exceeding!

Ayana T.

Amazing! Customer service is always excellent! I love the dining experience here!

Peter A.

First time. Loved it. Omelette was cooked very well, rare that a restaurant has cooked one so carefully. Servers were great. Enjoyed the view. Reservations were easy - liked the table time declaration since I knew my friend and I wanted to talk for awhile

Shauna V.

One of my favorite places in Tacoma! Great food and wonderful service. I love the back patio.

Elisha C.

So great! Rachel was our server and was fabulous. Food was delicious