Customer Reviews

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Jonathan P.

Great wait staff; intimate,warm and cozy atmosphere; great food and drinks

Brigid O.

Food was excellent! Absolutely loved the heated patio

Charlie H.

Great service; great crew.

judith o.

it was a great experience. the staff were amazing. the food was delicious and filling. and the ambiance on the patio made our dinner feel very special. thank you so much for such a nice evening.

Samuel S.

Great food, great service. Will be back

Inna Y.

Thank you for a wonderful brunch experience! The server was very nice to us, the food was delicious and the drinks were tasty! I love the new set up!

Pam L.

A favorite spot!

Dee Dee S.

The food was delicious, the service was topnotch, and we loved the ambiance. The European flair plus the chic shabby look was charming. We will definitely will be back for more and will tell friends and family to come as well.

Tosha L.

Always enjoy brunch here.

Ian J.

The food and service was exceptional and definitely will warrant a return visit VERY soon! This was our first experience with Le Sel Bistro and our brunch was as close to perfect as you can get and made us even more excited to try dinner at Le Sel some time in the near future! 10/10