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Charlie C.

Luca & his entire staff were very attentive & personable. The menu was extensive and impressive but each in our group went with his recommendations. The salad & appettizer were tasty. I had the Kob fish for my main & the others had penne arribiatra & fettuchini. All including the wine & digestive were delicious. I can’t wait to go back. grazie mille È stato molto bello.

Jean M.

Luca's always the BEST

Kevin M.

Service was brilliant, the food on the other hand (this time) wasn’t as good as the last . I ordered a fillet/rump (can’t remember as it said new on the menu). I normally order my steak medium to well done however the waiter advised that it would be to tough and recommended medium rare and I agreed. The top half of the steak was great/perfect but the bottom half was still to raw. The waiter, a gentleman, wanted to put it back on the grill but I was already put off. This is just one experience as mentioned. This place is still awesome and I can’t fault them for just one meal.

Andrew D.

Luca an outstanding host as always. Delicious food and great service - nothing has changed for over 20 years, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! Highly recommended

Ellen V.

We have known Luca's for many years. From their location in Morningside Shopping Centre to Achter Road in Sunninghill to Gwen Lane in Sandton. The food has always been delicious and the service and value consistently great. Eccellente a tutto tondo!

Terry L.

Only downside was that the side plates were a little dirty.

Carol R.

Thoroughly enjoyed our evening. Thank you.

Michelle E.

An absolutely lovely restaurant with great food and a fantastic and friendly atmosphere.

Joan R.

Thank you. Delighted to have rediscovered Luca's. Will definitely return!

Saloshni P.

Food is both delicious and beautifully presented. The atmosphere is appealing. The staff is always ready to help. The premises are extremely clean. I'll definitely come back again.