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Gilbert S.

All around an excellent Tapas bar. Service and cuisine outstanding. Sangria top notch. Thank you

Lea W.

The staff was amazingly personable and accommodating. The food far exceeded our expectations and was incredibly delicious. I would highly recommend and I hope to return in the future.

Jackie S.

Enjoy the entertainment!

Christina T.

I only had minestrone soup and a mojito last night but I’ve had the amazing food on prior visits. I appreciate how they didn’t treat me less than for just getting a small amount. Thank you

Ayda M.

Delicious food

Lisa J.

I recently dined at the best Italian restaurant in old town Pasadena, and I must say it was an exceptional experience. The culinary artistry was evident in both the amazing presentation and the delectable flavors. Every dish was tastefully crafted, making it a truly delightful dining experience. Highly recommended for those who appreciate top-notch Italian cuisine!

Lynda B.

We went to hear the incredible Doug Roegiers sing The Great American Songbook covers. We were equally pleased with the service and our dinner. The Grilled Salmon Salad was prepared perfectly as was the Lobster Raviolis. The Malbec by the glass was delicious The interior design is comfortable and provides an intimate ambience. Go on a Wednesday night, you'll thank me later.

Derionte S.

It was our first time there everything was perfect including the live performance we felt comfortable to be there, we will be back

Sharon W.

Cool place with the brick walls etc. the singer was fantastic both musically as well as entertainment wise The canned music prior to his singing was so loud we had difficulty hearing each other. We were to have customers with us but glad not. Ended up being a lovely evening for my husband and I and we so enjoyed the gentleman singing! Only complaint was the music too loud to be enjoyment dining. We would go again when in town.