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Silvia F.

It was a lovely dinner, and we were even treated to a spectacular sunset.

Shannon M.

More mozz on the Caprese salad please!!

Liah G.

Food was delicious and service was excellent. Please thank our servers and the chef.

Dan & michele R.

food was terrific and service was excellent we wish we lived closer so we could make it a routine.

Tina F.

Food was a little cold but other than that was a really enjoyable anniversary dinner for me and the wife definitely recommend this to others

Richard C.

your dinner rolls could be better quality-serve more than 1 per person Steaks were grilled perfect

Paula F.

We had a lovely evening outside celebrating our anniversary. Server was very engaging, Corinne I think? The food was delicious, bang shrimp and a seafood entree. Would have been nice to have a salad or vegetable with the entree. Picked the Chocolate walnut cake as our complimentary dessert, which was nice, would not get again, too many nuts, plain chocolate would be better. The apple dessert looked good, should have gotten that. Saw a beautiful sunset. Overall it was lovely.

Julia S.

Excellent server!!!

Chuck C.

Everything was great. Nothing to complain about, service and food were great!

Edward S.

My wife and I went here to celebrate our anniversary. Loved the place and the food was amazing!! Service was not bad but a little slow on drink refills.