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Phil J.

Just excellent. Meal was first rate. Service was super. I LOVE the use of Tableagent to make a reservation. Just WELL DONE all the way around.

Marondia R.

Great location, food and service!! We’ll be back,

V. Michael D.

We eat at T-Bones frequently for many many years. The food and service are ALWAYS OUTSTANDING. Wine list is good and there are several very nice higher end wines available upon request.

Kim B.

It was our first time dining at T Bones. The food was great! No complaints on service or food. Will definitely come back

Michael C.

This was our first time here and we’re so happy that we chose to do so. The entire experience was absolutely excellent. The food was exquisite and our server was amazing!! We’ll be back soon for sure!

Aundrea D.

Hands down the best restaurant in Laporte! Everything was wonderful start to finish and great service. If you haven’t tried T-Bones we highly recommend this dining experience!

Andrew H.

Amazing environment, staff, and food. 10/10 across the board.

Renee C.

Annie was an amazing waitress and the food was delicious. This was our first time here and we will definitely be back!

Joan O.

My chicken was overcooked. Also , I would like to see the chicken piccata back on the menu. Our service is always great.

Kathy G.

Overall experience for the first time eating there, was fantastic. We were also, happy with the gluten free options.