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Bill W.

Always a good experience at Vinokolet. Good food and service. Beautiful ambiance

Jerry B.

We love Vinoklet Winery. The atmosphere is old world charm and the food is excellent! The staff was so friendly and attentive. We had a great night eating spaghetti, drinking wine and listening to bluegrass music. Thanks for a wonderful evening!

Sue G.

The service was outstanding! From the personal wine tasting, warm guest service at the salad-side dish-dessert station to the nice man helping us grill!!


On Saturday, January 7, 2023, I had my 64th Birthday Party at Vinoklet Winery and Restaurant. I had a party of 6 and the only problem we had was that only one of us was a good cook the rest of us was just okay. Two of us didn't get our meat all the way done like we would have preferred it. But overall, we had a great time with the wine tasting and just the atmosphere itself. This restaurant is a special place for me because we use to bring my Mama there for Mother's Day and on Easter, so it brought back great memories for me. I was glad to make new memories with a few of my girlfriend who was experiencing this beautiful place for the first time. They were quite impressed. Kudos Vinoklet I see making many more memories in the months to come.

Kathy H.

It would be a nice option to have a couple of choices of potatoes and vegetables.

Shawnda C.

This was our first time here and we really enjoyed it. Great experience.


A wonderful evening at Vinoklet. Location is fantastic - staff was outstanding and the food was amazing. The entertainment - Bluegrass music was exceptional. They were extremely talented and they were very entertaining and related well with the audience. Highly recommend this restaurant.

stephanie h.

Service and the hostess was excellent!

Larry C.

As a first timer, thought this was a buffet, and it was. Was seated at a table but not instructed on whwew the buffet was ( in another room) or how it worked. As we were the first guest there we just sat there, not knowing what to do, or maybe ordering at the table.

Michael H.

I really enjoyed the visit. Service was great and the food was excellent. We do plan to go back.