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Susie L.

Marlene’s is the most intentional, lovely, and delicious tea house that I have ever seen. Marlene and her team have it down pat!

Gloria D.

This is a fabulous place ~ My daughter and I love the great food the ambiance and the wonderful owner and staff. It's a treat to come here for tea.

Kelly T.

Beautiful tea service setting!

Dorothy V.

Excellent in every way!

Ann L.

Marlene’s crew handled my daughter’s baby shower with such care and professionalism. They communicated clearly with me all through the planning process. And, when the big day arrived for me to pick up our order, it was beautifully laid out with instructions for preserving and serving. We were truly blessed by this experience!

Judy K.

The garden setting was beautiful! Marlene the owner was so gracious. What a delightful place for High Tea.

Nancy C.

Wonderful food and service

Kate F.

The atmosphere was fun and the food was really good as was the service. We enjoyed ourselves very much!

Kristine W.

Marlene's was awesome! We loved our tea choices and the food was delicious. The ambiance can't be beat for a relaxing lunch. The only comment was that some of the food should have been eaten warm - it would have been nice if when the tray was brought out it was pointed out that it might be better to eat certain items first since they would be better warmed. We chose the sandwiches first and by the time we got to the other items they were cold. Other than that everything was great!

Karen R.

Exquisite and glorious afternoon tea!