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10 8 Il Giardino

Address: Gasstraat 52, Kapellen, 2950
Il Giardino
$$ Recommended New Editor's Pick Private Room
Where Italy rules in all corners and sides, where Italian hospitality has free game and his guests can enjoy a relaxed and family atmosphere. The stylish and warm color furnished interior completes with the furniture and decorative elements the decor of a traditional Italian "Trattoria". A pleasant and cozy space that breaks tradition and nostalgia and relaxes and enjoys. You can feel the passion for all the beauty and pleasure of the Italian culture in all details and accents. Therefore. This place is a piece of Italy in Kapellen. "Il Giardino", this heavenly quiet and sunny place behind the restaurant …

10 8 Grieks Restaurant Olympia

Address: Bredabaan 494, Wuustwezel, 2990
Grieks Restaurant Olympia
$ Recommended New Editor's Pick Private Room
Olympia uses a pure honest kitchen, with only Greek quality products and as much as possible, fresh ingredients and herbs from Greece. So that the aroma and the taste of our kitchen brigade our dishes as much as possible come into their own. We hope that you will be tempted by us to a culinary experience through the rich Greek cuisine, with its ancient recipes and traditions and its well-kept secrets. We would also like to point out the great variety of Greek dishes. Every province and every island has its own specialties and customs. Through our carefully composed menu, …

10 8 The Golden Olive

Address: 65 Vlaamsekaai, Antwerpen, 2000

10 8 MIMAS

Address: 92 Oudesteenweg, Antwerpen, 2060

10 8 Dragon Golf

Address: Doregem 92, Bornem, 2880

10 8 The Lakehouse

Address: 71 De Stropersstraat, Stekene, 9190

10 8 Aahaar

Address: 23 Lange Herentalsestraat, Antwerpen, 2018

10 8 Hungry Panda

Address: 19 Lombardenvest, Antwerpen, 2000

10 8 JH De Splinter

Address: 10 Steenweg op Mol, Oud-Turnhout, 2360

10 8 Karasu

Address: 165 Lange Lozanastraat, Antwerpen, 2600
We serve authentic traditional Japanese food in a cozy atmosphere. Our goal is to bring high quality Sushi from the traditional Japanese cuisine to Antwerp. With a touch of the family's secret ingredients in the rice and in the sauce, prepared from first-class ingredients, we hope that our menu will be a first choice for you.