We offer payment gateway through these providers.

Stripe Authorize.Net Square

If you already have an active account with Stripe, Square or Authorize.Net, you can connect your merchant account with TableAgent. Or sign up for a free Stripe account. It takes only a few clicks, and you can start accepting bookings with payments and deposits right away.

All payments are instantly deposited directly to your bank account. You will handle all refunds, disputes, and chargebacks.

For example, if you sell a Mother's Day Brunch ticket for $50, the full $50 will be immediately processed and credited to your merchant account.

Payment Gateway Plans

Per Transaction Plan

$1 per transaction. The Per Transaction plan is ideal for businesses that process less than 30 payment transactions per month.

Monthly Unlimited Plans

$29 per month. With our flat fee Monthly Plans, you get unlimited payment transactions and no per-transaction fee.

International Transactions

We support all major currencies, and all international transactions and fees are billed in local currencies. For example, UK transactions will be processed in GBP, and EU transactions in Euros, etc.

Sell Event Tickets, Gift Cards, Vouchers, etc

All online payments are instantly deposited directly into your bank account through your own merchant account.

Popular Items to Sell

Event Tickets
Gift Cards
Takeout & Delivery Orders
Pre-Paid Dinners
Group Buys
Discounted Packages
Meal Bundles
Cooking Lessons
Chef Tables
Catering Services
Pop-Up Restaurants
Booking Deposit
No-Show Fees

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Dashboard Showing Payments

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If you have any questions or need help with our reservation system, please contact us at:

Phone: (866) 368-3773

Email: helptableagent.com