We offer payment gateway through these payment providers

Stripe Square Authorize.Net

TableAgent vs. Partner Providers.

Connect your merchant account, or TableAgent can process payments for you

Partner Providers

If you already have an active account with Square, Stripe, or Authorize.Net, you can connect your account with TableAgent. TableAgent will securely process all online payments directly with your current credit card processor.

All payments are instantly deposited directly to your merchant (bank) account. You will handle all refunds, disputes, and chargebacks. TableAgent will bill you monthly, or per transaction.

For example, if you sell a Mother's Day Brunch ticket for $50, the full $50 will be immediately processed and credited to your merchant account.

TableAgent Processing

If you don't have an active account with one of the 3rd party providers, TableAgent can process credit and debit card payments for you. TableAgent will collect online payments on your behalf. TableAgent will bill you monthly or per transaction. Card companies like Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX charge a processing fee for each transaction. This is called the Rate of the Interchange. Since TableAgent must also pay these fees, we will deduct 5% Interchange Fee from every transaction to cover these expenses.

TableAgent will hold the funds until after the customer received the paid services or goods. The first 90% is issued via check or bank transfer within seven days of the completed transaction. The remaining 10% will be held for 30 days to cover any disputes or chargebacks.

For example, if you sell a Mother's Day Brunch ticket for $50, you will be issued $45 (90%) of the transaction within seven days of the event, and $5 (10%) will be issued after 30 days.


Seven Days Bank Deposit
No Merchant Account Required
  • VISA + MasterCard + AMEX
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Parter Providers

Same Day Bank Deposit
Partner Provider Account Required
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Payment Gateway Plans

Per Transaction Plan

$1 per transaction. The Per Transaction plan is ideal for businesses that process less than 30 payment transactions per month.

Monthly Unlimited Plan

$30 per month. With our flat fee Monthly Unlimited Plan, you get unlimited payment transactions and no per-transaction fee.

Sell Event Tickets, Gift Cards, Vouchers, etc

All online payments are instantly deposited directly into your bank account through your own merchant account.

Popular Items to Sell

Event Tickets
Gift Cards
Takeout & Delivery Orders
Pre-Paid Dinners
Group Buys
Discounted Packages
Meal Bundels
Cooking Lessons
Chef Tables
Catering Services
Pop-Up Restaurants
Booking Deposit
No-Show Fees

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