TableAgent Restaurant Reservation System

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You can choose from two dashboards. Reservation Book dashboard and Table Status dashboard.

Free Restaurant Reservation System

TableAgent is a free restaurant reservation system app in the cloud offering restaurants an alternative to expensive reservation software currently available.

TableAgent is easy to use, time-saving, web-based restaurant reservation system platform. No software to install, no monthly or per customer fees to pay.

With TableAgent, you can make, manage and access your reservation software anytime, from any device including phones and tablets.

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Why TableAgent?

  •   It's Free!
  •   No Monthly Fees
  •   No Setup Fees
  •   No Per Reservation Fees
  •   No Per Customer Fees
  •   No Contracts
  •   No Credit Card Required
  •   No Software to Install
  •   No Strings Attached
  •   Easy to Use
  •   It's Secure
  •   Access from Anywhere
  •   Works with Any Device
  •   It's in the Cloud

  •   And YES! It's Free!
  •   Not Kidding!

Tech Advantage

Take advantage of our secure platform that we built with the latest cutting-edge, industry leading technology tools.

TableAgent is powered by the trusted AWS Cloud. AWS is flexible, scalable, high performance computing cloud infrastructure that is providing a high level of security, dependability and speed to organizations like Pfizer, Intuit, and the US Navy.

TableAgent has been developed with the same leading technology Google, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest is using.

  Why It's Free?

C'mon, it's 2018! These days, just about everything on the Internet is free. Everything from websites to emails, apps, games and web-based software is available at no-cost.

Our reservation software system is running efficiently in the cloud and is powered by a free, yet robust and secure open-source cloud computing software platform.

TableAgent is user-friendly and easy to use self-managed platform. That's how we keep the cost down, and our revenue comes from advertising.

TableAgent Features

TableAgent is a feature rich reservation system that will give you complete control over your tables availability at any given time.

  • Table & Floor Management
  • Table Status Control
  • Floor Activity Tools
  • Active Waitlist Management
  • Party Size & Large Groups
  • Settings by Restaurant Section
  • Seating Times Restrictions

  • Special Features
  • Credit Card Requirements
  • Business & Holiday Hours
  • Special Offers & Coupons
  • Sell Gift Certificates
  • Concierge & Referral Tracking
  • Advanced Reports & Charts
  • Time Zones & Languages
  • Guest Management Tools
  • Email Marketing

Frequent Questions

Q: Can we put TableAgent on our official restaurant website?

Yes! TableAgent makes it easy to accept reservations directly from your restaurant website.

Just copy and paste a short HTML snippet on your website and your customers will be able to check real-time table availability and make instant online reservations.

As always, it's free, and you never any "per-person" fees.

Q: Can we block tables or restaurant sections on busy days?

Yes! You have control over all your tables and restaurant sections at any given time.

It is common that restaurants are blocking tables on busy days just because they don't want to pay high "per-customer" fees charged by other services.

With TableAgent, you don't have to worry about paying any "per-customer" fees and therefore you will no longer have to block tables on busy days just because you want to save money.


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