Beirut - Lebanon Restaurants

Bab Al Saray Cafe

Address: Saida, Lebanon, 16211


Address: Batroun, Batroun,


Address: Haykaliee, Koura, 00902

Bar Principal

Address: Mar Mkhayel, Beirut, 961

Jad Restaurant

Address: Beirut, Beirut,

Al Ferdaws Restaurant

Address: Ehden, Zgharta, 961


Address: Faytroun, Keserwan,

Maillon Café

Address: Zalka, Amaret Chalhoub,

HOOCH Boutique & Drinkery

Address: Phoenicia Hotel, Shopping Arcade, Minet El Hosn, Beirut, 2020
HOOCH Boutique & Drinkery
HOOCH Boutique & Drinkery is an intimate, 13 seat venue located within the Phoenicia Hotel's shopping arcade in Downtown Beirut. Inspired by Scotland’s dram bars proudly showcasing hundreds of whisky bottles from floor to ceiling, Tokyo’s intimate cocktail dens renowned for ceremonial service and obsessive attention to detail, and London's glamourous five-star hotel bars where perfect classic mixed drinks are crafted. HOOCH specialises in rare spirits, fine wine, craft beer, exceptional mixed drinks and hand-rolled cigars.

Jammal Restaurant

Address: Jammal Building, Kfarabida, Batroun, North Lebanon,, Lebanon,