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Address: 7 Rue de Rollebeek, Bruxelles, 1000
Vertigo is a restaurant and cocktail bar located in the heart of the Sablon area. This historic monument, oldest hostel in town was a meeting place for horse riding visitors, a crossroad of philosophical ideas and a cabaret. In the courtyard, on your right when you enter, you will find the entrance of an old secret underground tunnel, nowadays sealed. It led smugglers, clandestinely, under the barrier of Brussels in order to enter the city. Welcome in the Brussels hiding place of the left unsaid!

Gastrobar Savida

Address: Kerkstraat 13, Aalst, 9300


Address: Oude Markt 25, Leuven, 3000

Centercourt Sportcafé

Address: 40 Sportlaan, Maaseik, 3680

East @ West Restaurant

Address: 26 Boulevard de l'Empereur, Bruxelles, 1000

Service Social - RGB

Address: 87 Gulden-Vlieslaan, Sint-Gillis, 1060

Sint Gummarus

Address: Bokrijklaan z/n, Genk, 3600

Jh Alleman

Address: 2 Avenue de la Sablière, Auderghem, 1160

Café Manger

Address: 29 Oude Markt, Leuven, Leuven

Mezon Famille SRL

Address: 388 Chau. de Saint-Job, Uccle, 1180

Pop-up Zanzibar

Address: 48 Sleeuwagen, Merchtem, 1785

Oh, my kimchi!

Address: 6d Busleidengang, Leuven, 3000

La Scarpetta Chatelain

Address: 31 Rue du Page, Ixelles, 1050

Dzama Cocktail Cafe Brussels

Address: 14 Rue des Pigeons, Brussels, 1000
Dzama Cocktail Cafe Brussels
$ Recommended New Editor's Pick Private Room
Dzama Cocktail Cafe. Dzama Rhum has influenced the creation of three wonderful cocktail bars and restaurants. As we continue to grow we invite you to indulge our taste at any one of our luxurious locations. Za' Malagasy. Dzama (pronounced “zama”) Rhum was started in 1980 by Lucien Fohine, and his wife, on the island of Nosy Be off the northern shore of Madagascar. They had built a scotch whiskey bottling business and decided that the resulting empty barrels would be perfect for the aging of rum. Production was then transferred to Antananarivo in 1984. Madagascar is a huge island nation …