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Personal Concierge Services

While Table Agent online reservations are free, many restaurants take advantage of our optional concierge services, which allow visitors from our affiliated websites to make quick and hassle-free reservations over the phone, allowing customers to book a table at your restaurant just moments after discovering it. Each reservation receives the attention of our dedicated staff, who personally confirm each reservation with both the restaurant and the dining party. Our reservation services are personalized, accurate, and convenient: guests are sent email confirmations with their reservation information, and are sent follow up emails to ensure their dining experience went smoothly. Our event coordinators also work with larger groups to help arrange large parties, private events, and semi-private functions at your restaurant.

We have been providing concierge services since 2002, and most restaurants find this option to be a highly valuable addition to their restaurant listing. With no overhead fees and a commission-based pricing structure, you only pay when we directly send you business. Since beginning our concierge services, we have booked close over a million reservations for individuals and have assisted thousands of larger groups with special events.

In addition to a direct, measurable increase in business, our concierge services include access to highly valuable customer feedback surveys. All customers who make a reservation through our website are asked to rate and review their dining experience, and we provide you with constant access to this valuable data through your online account. Consulting firms charge thousands of dollars for such information; we offer it free with our concierge services.

Concierge Services for Individuals

Restaurants who opt for our individual concierge service will allow parties of up to ten guests to make reservations directly with our concierge team. The fee for individual concierge services is calculated based on a per-person rate that is mutually determined upon enrollment in this service. This rate is based on the average price of a meal at your restaurant, and is usually 5-10% of the average dinner ticket per person.

Concierge Services for Groups

Enlisting in our group concierge service allows parties of ten or more to arrange to dine at your restaurant. Our special event coordinators work with groups of 10 or more, and provide groups with restaurant special event menus and information on private rooms and restaurant buyouts to help guests decide where to host their event. The fee for group concierge services is commission based, and is determined based on the actual amount spent by the group during their event. This fee is determined upon enrollment in this service, and is usually 5-10% of the total bill, before tax and tip. For example, if a group spends $500 at your restaurant and the fee is 5%, your fee for the group would be $25. Restaurants enrolled in this service are required to send us a copy of the bill for each party that our services refer.


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