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Restaurant Hiša kulinarike Manna

Address: Eipprova ulica 1a, Ljubljana, 1000
Restaurant Hiša kulinarike Manna
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Manna is offering a mix of traditional and modern cuisine. While we stay true to the traditional recipes and the relaxed atmosphere, our restaurant also aspires to constantly add modern-style. We have been preparing delicious meals in the place where today’s Manna stands for over two hundred years. Manna is a place defined by our main philosophy. Which is to keep things simple, tasty and create a home-like cozy atmosphere for our Restaurant’s visitors. Along the picturesque Eipprova Street in Ljubljana, surrounded by old chestnut trees, we at the Restaurant-Culinary House of Manna will serve you divine dishes on Earth, …

Gostilnica Pri Škofu

Address: Rečna ulica 8, Ljubljana, 1000

Park Žibert

Address: Celovška Cesta 335, Ljubljana, 1000

Kristalvin Winery

Address: Višnjevik 39, Dobrovo, 5212

Castle Otocec

Address: 2 Grajska cesta, Otocec, 8220

Restavracija Manna - Teden Restavracij

Address: 1a Eipprova ulica, Ljubljana, 1000

Restavracija Olga

Address: 1e Moste, Komenda, 1218

Gostilna Vitez

Address: Breg 20, Ljubljana, 1000

Jamsek 1887 wine estate

Address: Mance 5, Vipava, 5271

Rodizio do Brasil

Address: Trg MDB 1, Ljubljana, 1000
Rodizio do Brasil
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Rodizio do Brasil je prva brazilska restavracija v Sloveniji. Vrhunsko postrežene jedi s tradicionalnega Churrasco žara na oglje, vsak dan v tednu.