4 1/2 Stars

Sofies American Restaurant

Address: Strandvägen 89, Lomma, 234 31

The Deer & Daisy

Address: 2 Eliselundsvägen, Kivik, 27730

Esmeralda's TexMex Grill - Malmö

Address: Anna Lindhs Plats 10, Malmö, 211 19

The Raw Kitchen

Address: Brogatan 11, Malmö, 211 44

Ellstorps Kvarterskrog

Address: 28 Sallerupsvägen, Malmö, 21218

Hotell Magasin1

Address: 1 Järnvägsgatan, Mörbylånga, 38650

Esmeralda's TexMex - Svedala

Address: Ågatan 37, Svedala, 233 31
Esmeralda's TexMex - Svedala
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Our Chef Esmeralda says: I am what people call a foodie, I do not have an education or a degree in cooking. What I do have is over 40 years of experience cooking with people who are passionate about what they do. I am a perfectionist when it comes to the things I do or make, and I love to watch people eat the food that I have prepared. I look for an expression, a sound, a smile. Those are things that give me pleasure to know that I had something to do with that.

Linnea Basilika Staffanstorp

Address: 38 Handelsvägen, Staffanstorp, 245 34