Pittsburgh Restaurants

10 8 Willow

Address: 634 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Chef Michael Rudman totes his 22-year talent and signature crab cakes to the Willow menu, popular for its attentiveness to a variety of tastes. Steak or scallops, Rudman's approach is to use strong flavors conservatively so that they won't mask the delicacy of other flavors of a dish. The results are uncomplicated, yet substantially flavorful-classics with a creative twist. Learn More »

10 8 Demo Restaurant

Address: 931 Third Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15139
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10 8 The Station Brake Cafe

Address: 500 Station St, Wilmerding, PA 15131
Welcome to The Station Brake Cafe! You have discovered the areas best kept secret for delicious food, modest prices, and friendly staff. Our menu is all scratch made and we use local ingredients to prepare the best meal you may ever enjoy. Join us tonight for dinner! Learn More »

10 8 G&G Restaurant

Address: 149 Columbia Ave, Vandergrift, PA 15690
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10 8 Istanbul Sofra

Address: 7600 forbes avenue, Pitsburgh, PA 15221
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