Seafood Restaurants

10 8 Kampa Park

Address: Na Kampe 8b, Prague, 11800
$ Recommended
Situated in one of the Old Town nooks in Prague you will find Kampa Park, a clear design reflective structure with a non-traditional look. Dine on the lower terrace and stretch your leg over the edge of the deck and bathe your toe will enjoying tasty viands of magnificently prepared fish. Kampa Park offers a rich selection of fish specialties like, Scallops sashimi with ponzu sauce, enoki mushrooms and hot sesame or hazel-nut oil, Bouillabaisse with saffron aioli, roasted Turbot with boletus, gourd fondant, bean ragout and chicken jus with capers. To dine in Prague and not stop by Kampa ...

10 8 L'Angolo

Address: Dlouha 7, Prague, 11000

10 8 Paukertova rybárna

Address: Narodni 17, Prague, 11000

10 8 Hanavský Pavilon

Address: Letenske sady 173, Prague, 17000

10 8 Zlatá Praha

Address: Namesti Curieovych 5, Prague, 11000