Warique Cafe

Address: Las Americas 492, Puerto Vallarta, 48330
Warique Cafe
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Warique offers a delicious and irresistible mix of traditional Latin & Mexican aromas, taste sensations, and flavors with a gentle twist to delight, surprise and amuse your palate. We are dedicated to bringing the best cuisine, superb sweets, ripe fruits and vegetables, thirst quenching cold beer, smooth margaritas, great selection of wines, live entertainment and exquisite freshly brewed coffee in Puerto Vallarta. At Warique we only exploit garden-fresh ingredients from local farmers and growers, and a highly purified water in order to maintain our very high standards of spectacular flavors, top quality produce, unforgettably vivid visuals and an outstanding freshness. …

AYU Plant Based Artisanal Kitchen

Address: C. 24 de Febrero, Sayulita, 63734