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10 8 Luc's Bistro

Address: 12642 Poway Road, San Diego, CA 92064
Luc's Bistro
$$ New
Luc’s Bistro offers guests an authentic taste of down-home Southern cuisine. Try dishes like Crispy Crab Cakes with Avocado Cilantro, which take Southern flare and meld it with a California twist. Ongoing specials pop up daily to switch the mood for returning visitors while allowing newcomers to sample unique creations from Luc’s talented chefs. Cozy and casual, the “bistro-esque” dining room invites guests to dine with friends, family, or their significant other. Who says that a bistro has to serve only French cuisine? Luc’s Bistro shows patrons that a restaurant can create its own flare by taking different styles and ...

10 8 Lienzo Charro

Address: 12511 Poway Rd, San Diego, CA 92064