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10 8 Cafe Gibraltar

Address: 425 Avenue Alhambra, El Granada, CA 94019
Cafe Gibraltar
This gem of the San Mateo coast sparkles with the numerous honors and awards it has enjoyed throughout the years. Fresh, authentic, and intriguing Mediterranean fare is served up in an equally fresh and intriguing dining space. Rich earth tones bath the walls, and flowing panels drape down from the ceiling to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Similarly, the menu entices patrons with culinary delights that span the entire Mediterranean region. The Tunisian Kaskasu Bi’l Lahm is a slow-braised Victory Ranch lamb sholder, and the Manti is a Turkish dish of house-made dumplings. There is much to explore and ...

10 8 Flavor

Address: 10151 North Cabrillo Hwy, San Francisco, CA 94018
Flavor offers guests great dishes that are known as California comfort food. Just like their name, their dishes are full of flavor utilizing local produce. Flavor’s menu has a wide choice of starters and main dishes that range from nuclear family favorites like chicken pot pie to a daily seafood special that their chefs prepare with locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Flavor also offers vegetarian entrees like vegetable pizza and burgers and guests can also choose gluten free options as well. By using California grown ingredients, Flavor shows new side of comfort food that is unique and satisfying.