Special Occasion Restaurants

Trattoria Da Flavio

Address: Totoriu g. 22, Vilnius, 01121


Address: Aušros Vartų g. 8, Vilnius, 01303


Address: 35 Vilniaus g., Vilnius, 08353

Bistro "Selfish"

Address: Vilniaus g. 29, Vilnius, 01402
Bistro "Selfish"
$ Recommended New Editor's Pick
It took a while for Selfish to find its audience, but now this oyster and champagne bar has really taken off. A location on one of the Old Town’s most action-packed streets by night helps, and it’s hard to find a seat in evenings late in the week when the accordion plays to the sound of slurping. Piles of mussels with a choice of sauces, plus other seafood dishes, go down well with the Hostomme champagne from Chouilly.

Gėlių Gatvės Keramika

Address: Gėlių Gatvė 4, Vilnius, 01137