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Address: 165 Lange Lozanastraat, Antwerpen, 2600
We serve authentic traditional Japanese food in a cozy atmosphere. Our goal is to bring high quality Sushi from the traditional Japanese cuisine to Antwerp. With a touch of the family's secret ingredients in the rice and in the sauce, prepared from first-class ingredients, we hope that our menu will be a first choice for you.

Bohm en Berkel

Address: Hendrik Conscienceplein 3, Antwerpen, 2000

Royal Tokyo Sushi Bar - Antwerp

Address: Anneessensstraat 25, Antwerp, 2018


Address: 18 Pauwhoevestraat, Kontich, 2550


Address: 23 Lange Herentalsestraat, Antwerpen, 2018


Address: 92 Oudesteenweg, Antwerpen, 2060