The Rocky Horror Show Menu: A Delicious Double Feature

Restaurant Grounds

Let’s do as the hit song “Time Warp” says and go back in time—way back in time—to 1973, when play audiences first fell in love with the wacky, illogical, and illicit world of the Rocky Horror Show. Originally written for the stage, this notorious production is better known by its silver screen name, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and has once again found its way back home to the stage with The Olde Globe in Balboa Park. Instead of throwing pieces of toast into the audience during the dinner scene of the play as other enthusiastic fans might, The Prado is throwing ingredients around in the kitchen to whip up a Rocky Horror Show-inspired menu to celebrate the play.

Visit The Prado while the play is running, from September 15th-November 6th, to indulge on a three-course Rocky Horror Show Menu that will leave you exclaiming, “Dammit, Janet, I love you!”.. This deliciously campy menu starts where all great adventures start: with a drink. Act Two (the appetizer course) offers three tasty treats to choose from: the “hot Patootie” Spicy Calamari Fries, the “Rose Tint My World” Salad, and the “Sword of Damocles” Cilantro Rock Shrimp Chile Relleno. When the curtain comes up on Act Three, you’ll select between the “Double Feature” Short Ribs, the “Wild and Untamed Thing” Forest Mushroom Risotto, the “Super Heroes” Fennel Spiced Ahi, and the “I Can Make You a Man” 16oz Bone-In Ribeye. And please stand and applaud the Curtain Call, when you’ll either savor the “Sweet Transvestite” with a bunuelo shell and vanilla bean pastry cream or the “Time Warp” itself with slow baked meringue. If you just can’t quite get enough of your favorite Rocky Horror cliché, opt for an Act Four and receive $10 off your dinner bill. Each menu item is priced individually, so full meal prices vary.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter will always be a hotdog and Brad Majors will forever be a tool, and that’s why we can’t stop watching or singing along. Relive your favorite Rocky Horror Show moments and make some new fond memories with the hit menu at The Prado.


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