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10 8 GABEN Étterem, Borbár és Vinotéka

Address: Szent László tér 4, Mosonmagyarovar, 9200
GABEN Étterem, Borbár és Vinotéka
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WELCOME you in the first Wine-restaurant of our city and also our country, although 19 years ago we did not know this concept. We are thankful that we could participate in the development of wine culture and gastronomy. We preach proudly our pioneered work, that from the beginning we had the courage to offer dozens of better and better wines, even in small quantities. Due to the location of the restaurant, international cuisine will suit for the clientele, but always we kept in mind the traditional dishes. Our Commitment to quality is mainly measured with the satisfaction of our guests. …

10 8 Cézanne Restaurant

Address: Angelo Rotta rkp, Bem tér 2 (kikötő), Budapest, 1027

10 8 Hoff House

Address: 40 Nagymező u., Budapest, 1065

10 8 Chatorey Lounge N' Restaurant

Address: 61 Ráday u., Budapest, 1092

10 8 Enjoy Budapest Cafe

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10 8 Tusculanum Vendéglő

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10 8 Platán Garden Restaurant & Rooms

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10 8 Vágási Pub

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10 8 Viridárium - Szászi Birtok

Address: 035/7 Hegymagas, Mókus krt., Hegymagas, 8265

10 8 Feri's Kitchen & Bar

Address: Király utca 13., Budapest, 1075