Auberge de Larina

Address: 4 Place de Larina, Annoisin-Chatelans, 38460

Deep Nature Resorts

Address: 1000 Rte des Chavants, Les Houches, 74310

Restaurant Chez le Belge

Address: 522 Route des Ollières, La Garenne, Lyas, 07000


Address: 1a Chem. de Calabert, Écully, 69130
Terrarium is a concept restaurant centered around vegetarian cuisine. We plan to focus mainly on not using any animal protein, and focusing on local, seasonal products. Terrarium aims to be a restaurant aware of the future stakes of the hospitality industry, whether it be environmental impact, workers' health, or customer awareness. At Terrarium, we want our customers to get more than just a culinary experience. We are willing to make their time with us as interactive and involving as possible, hoping that they will carry with them a bit of our vision and values about what it means to eat …