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J&J Books & Coffee

Address: 47 Calle del Espíritu Santo, Madrid, 28004
What exactly does J&J stand for? And who are the faces behind the name? Like any good fairy tale, the J&J story started when Javi met Jamie – hence the J&J. As their romance blossomed, so did their mutual love of books, and in 2003 they decided that a local second-hand English bookshop was the only thing missing in their lives. So, they went to the USA and brought back thousands of books from Los Angeles, and their first baby – 'J&J Books and Coffee' - was born! Since then, the J&J family has grown and changed over the years, …

Masters y Margaritas

Address: Paseo de San Francisco de Sales 41, Madrid, 28003

Monkee Koffee

Address: 112 Calle de Vallehermoso, Madrid, 28003

La Feria

Address: San Andreas avenue, Los Santos, 737251674

Eli Pastrami

Address: 2 C. de Andrés Borrego, Madrid, 28004
Eli Pastrami
This business has been reported as permanently closed.