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10 8 Sushi Momo

Address: 3609 St Denis St, Montréal, QC H2X 3L6
Sushi Momo
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Sushi Momo is a restaurant specializing in vegan sushi and Japanese cuisine. Sushi Momo was founded in December 2014 by extraordinary sushi chef Christian Manuel Ventura Alatorre. With more than 10 years of experience, Christian's creations are both delicious and exceptionally innovative. Christian wanted to offer vegans the most vegan sushi options in the entire city of Montreal. Learn More »

10 8 Jardin Thai

Address: 270 Labelle, Rosemere, QC J7A 2H4
Jardin Thai
About Learn More »

10 8 Bonaparte

Address: 447 rue Saint-Francois-Xavier, Montreal, QC 99999
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Comfortable armchairs and banquettes that invite you to settle in for the evening... Romantic little nooks for an intimate dinner... Contemporary décor within historic stone walls... And exquisite cuisine, prepared with French savoir-faire and showcasing the finest fresh regional products. Learn More »

10 8 Cavalli

Address: 2040 rue Peel, Montreal, QC 99999
Adventurous yet restrained, bold but with a cultivated balance, Cavalli's multi-course menu highlights carefully chosen meat and seafood selections enhanced by complimentary vegetable and grain accompaniments. Learn More »

10 8 Moishes

Address: 3961 Blvd. Street Laurent, Montreal, QC 99999
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Revered as the city's premiere steak house, Moishes sets the standard in quality, tradition and hospitality. Learn More »

10 8 Med Grill

Address: 3500 St-Laurent, Montreal, QC 99999
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Med Grill gives you a front-row view onto Montreal's famed St-Laurent strip, where local hipsters mix with the international jet set to create a unique party atmosphere that's distinctly Montrealais. Learn More »

10 8 Wakamono

Address: 1251 Mount Royal East, Montreal, QC 99999
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A new-style noodle house, modelled on the ramen shops that have been popular in Japan for over two hundred years. Ramen are Chinese-style egg noodles, served in soups with various toppings or in stir-fries. Learn More »

10 8 La Chronique

Address: 99 rue Laurier Quest, Montreal, QC 99999
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We specialize in a «cuisine de marché», meaning that we receive daily shipments of fresh and premium quality products. Learn More »

10 8 Chez Quex

Address: 158 rue St-Paul, Montreal, QC 99999
From the express menu to the fine dinner, From the business lunch to the Sunday brunch, Chez Queux offers great food, efficient, friendly service and enchanting ambiance. Learn More »

10 8 Newtown

Address: 1476 Crescent, Montreal, QC 99999
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With its exquisite dining and aromas evoking the warmth and sensuality of the Mediterranean, there is no more delightful culinary experience than at Newtown. Indulge yourself in the expertly-blended flavors of the earth and sea of its entrees and desserts. Learn More »