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1500 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA 19102

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While Butcher and Singer invites comparisons to the finest steakhouses across America, this Philadelphia eatery is in a class by itself. With plush surroundings and unmatched service, Stephen Starr's newest venture delivers sumptuous dishes along with an unforgettable dining experience. Patrons are treated to a transformative meal in the well-appointed dining room and a wait staff that does more than simply serve; they contribute to the overall atmosphere of indulgence and enjoyment. One glance at Butcher and Singer's menu reveals that Chef Anthony Goodwin has achieved a rare balance between traditional and modern, while never straying from the highest culinary standards.

Share a Steak With the Rat Pack

Butcher and Singer’s interior is both large enough to hold a small circus and opulent enough to host a session of Congress without losing an ounce of grandeur. Most impressive however, is its ability to capture the timeless elegance of Frank Sinatra and the incorrigible spirit of Sammy Davis., Jr. in a single room. Both personalities inescapably linger in your mind while you dine at this Stephen Starr establishment, where the booths are plush and the drinks are stiff.

Though it successfully channels the Rat Pack era, Butcher and Singer steers clear of cliché by avoiding some of the more gaudy accoutrements of the period. The space, which opened in October of 2008, boasts ceilings high enough that I almost missed the intricate wooden inlays and bold lines that danced across the top of the room.  In fact, a quarter of my meal is spent gazing skyward in order to appreciate the craftsmanship evident in every inch of the room. I am also struck by the dramatic columns that pepper the floor. Dark wooden panels camouflage their massive girth and add a regal touch to an already majestic space.

The restaurant’s lighting is a work of art unto itself.  Hitting the ideal pitch between overly dim and glaringly bright, the lighting scheme treats diners to a soothing glow that illuminates rather than spotlights. Crowning the top of the columns are strategically placed bulbs that diffuse the light upwards creating a soft halo effect. Adding to the sense of ease and luxuriance are the restaurant’s furnishings. Not a corner remains un-upholstered, between the padded chairs, cushy crescent shaped booths and soft carpeting. These grandiose furnishings also have the extra benefit of cutting down noise to virtually zero, as the yards of fabric absorb nearby conversations. Between the acoustics, lighting and furnishings, everything in Butcher and Singer is designed with patrons’ comfort in mind.  

As one of Philadelphia’s most high profile restaurateurs, Stephen Starr has spanned a variety of cuisines and leapfrogged across the globe by offering Asian, Cuban and creative American fare.  Butcher and Singer, his foray into traditional steakhouse culture, is more than just another notch on his already accomplished belt.  Instead, Butcher and Singer represents a departure of sorts for a restaurateur who has made the Philadelphia food scene his own personal playground.  The addition of this restaurant to his culinary empire stands in sharp contrast to other more modernized establishments that merely capitalize on current trends.

Butcher and Singer is a timeless and elegant response to the unfortunate amount of eateries that don’t hold impeccable customer service and high quality ingredients in the highest esteem. As a result, Butcher and Singer aspires to deliver a world class experience to every diner. 

On the night of our visit, the service appears to be a finely tuned orchestra of attentive wait staff, all working harmoniously despite the frenetic pace of the kitchen. Our server is delightfully upbeat and her personality augments the dining experience.  She is knowledgeable and quick to offer suggestions or advice regarding various menu items. As a result, our meal consists of dishes that are well paired and her guidance ensures that we didn’t over-order. We enjoy top notch treatment at every turn and are sure to leave feeling truly pampered.

Butcher and Singer proudly boasts specialty cocktails that complement each element of the steakhouse, from ambiance to philosophy to décor. The restaurant’s drink menu is extensive, and as I am easily getting swept up in the mid-century atmosphere, I order an Old Fashioned with my meal. The cocktail, consisting of whiskey, sugar, bitters and club soda, arrives swiftly. I relish the expertly mixed interplay between tart and sweet while appreciating its complexity throughout my first few courses.

Indicative of Butcher and Singer’s commitment to full flavor at every turn, the traditionally overlooked bread course is actually an opportunity to savor the hearty taste that comes with baking only the finest ingredients. With its rustic texture and velvety center, the bread is truly an appetizing start to the evening.

I am continually reminded that pacing is key when dining at Butcher and Singer, where the portions are always generous. The seafood platter is a fantastically indulgent exercise in restraint for crab lovers. A myriad of shellfish line the dish while the center is filled with jumbo lump crab meat waiting to be savored. We sample the Oyster Shooters whose tomato kick and tequila punch ensure that the lighting won’t lull us into complacency.

Next, the Curried Shrimp Salad is a delectable foray into more subtle spices that strike notes of sweet and savory. We taste the two varieties of oysters adorning the platter, one hailing from Prince Edward Island and the other from Skookum, Washington.  While the former has a delightfully briny tinge, the Skookum oysters are a wonderful counterpoint, exhibiting a mild, supple flavor.

My favorite element of the seafood platter is the Alaskan King Crab Leg. The leg is particularly thick and succulent, so divvying it up between the two of us requires a King Solomon-like effort. In addition, there is a liberal portion of shrimp cocktail waiting for anyone who still has room left. The shrimp succeeds in putting an exclamation point on an already dazzling appetizer course.

Another well-executed seafood dish comes in the form of the Tuna Sashimi.  This dish allows the chef’s originality to shine with its rich bed of Tzatziki sauce nestled beneath the fish.  A flush, vibrant crimson, the tuna’s quality is clearly top notch and the coupling of this Japanese favorite with a traditionally Greek condiment is a delicious surprise.

The salad course offers a variety of enticing options, but the classic Wedge Salad emerges as a menu standout. As a slight twist on this typical dish, Butcher and Singer tops their iceberg lettuce with a Russian dressing.  I am enamored with the dressing’s richness especially when paired with the dishes firm bits of bacon and hunks of blue cheese.

Our first entrée, the Colorado Lamb Chops, proves to be juicy and delicate with flavor packed into every bite.  The dish is portioned with plenty of tender meat to enjoy. The sweetness of the lamb’s flesh is best served by a medium rare preparation and I am grateful to our ever-helpful waitress for yet another helpful suggestion.

The main event, as can be expected at this rarefied steakhouse, is the beef dish. After much deliberation we order the Delmonico Steak. The rib eye meat is juicy beyond belief and arrives with just a tinge of pink at the center. The Delmonico Steak is served unencumbered by excessive garnishes and dominates our palettes for the rest of the evening. The portions are generous and will definitely send us home with a bag full of fantastic leftovers.

The side dishes we chose to accompany our entrees reside on two ends of the steakhouse cuisine spectrum. First, the Creamed Spinach is a classic choice and does not disappoint. The consistency avoids soupiness or any bitter aftertastes and adds a luscious dimension to our entree. We order the second side dish, Stuffed Hash Browns, at the urging of our waitress. Her knowing smile leads us to believe it will be a tasty addition to our meal and she does not lead us astray. Butcher and Singer’ s Stuffed Hash Browns are unlike any other potato-based dish I’ve encountered inside or outside a steakhouse. Great care is taken with each step of preparation and the effort is evident at first bite. The potato is shredded and then filled with sour cream and potato chunks. After baking until golden in color, the Stuffed Hash Browns arrive as an oversize patty of gently browned potato with a rich supple filling. This is a must-order dish.

There is no better accompaniment to the crisp fall weather than the warm spices of Butcher and Singer’s astonishingly good Carrot Cake.  The seasoning keeps the sweet cream cheese icing from becoming too cloying, while the multiple cake layers make for an exquisite final course. We also treat ourselves to the Chocolate Cake, a great choice for chocolate lovers who relish the tangy semi-sweet flavor of this moist classic.  Never overpowering but definitely all encompassing, this dish is an unabashedly creamy confection for anyone hungry enough to dig in. The Chocolate Cake makes a great partner for the requisite espresso we enjoy while we nearly clean our plates.

Butcher and Singer is certainly one of Philadelphia’s only steakhouses equally preoccupied with providing the finest customer service and serving unparalleled meals.  To say Stephen Starr has “done it again,” would do a disservice to this restaurant’s distinctive character and its ability to transport diners, if for just a few hours, to another era.  Each night, entering the restaurant’s threshold is like stepping back in time to an age when men wore fedoras and dinner was an event.

Insider Tip: Butcher and Singer is the perfect dinner destination for a special occasion seven nights a week, but the unbelieveable customer service doesn't stop there. Be sure to stop by for lunch during the week with service from 11:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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  • Address: 1500 Walnut Street, Philadelphia PA 19102
  • Cross Street: South 15th Street
  • Location: Center City | Center City West
  • Cuisine: Steak |
  • Cost: | Moderate
  • Category: Fine Dining
  • Star Rating:
  • Reservations: Recommended
  • Dress Code: Business Casual
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  • Parking: Street | Private Lot | Valet Parking |
  • Payment Options: VISA | Amex | MasterCard |
  • Corkage Fee: N/A
  • Staff: Anthony Goodwin | Executive Chef
  • Phone: (215) 732-4444
  • Features: Full Bar, Catering Services, Valet Parking,
  • Occasion: Romantic Dining, Business Dining, Meet for a Drink, Quiet Conversation, Special Occasion,

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Frequently Asked Questions
Lunch is served at Butcher and Singer Monday-Friday from 11:30am-2:30pm.
Butcher and Singer accepts reservations up to 60 days in advanced.
Butcher and Singer is centrally located within walking distance of a number of hotels. The restaurant is approximately 0.3 miles East of the Radisson Plaza-Warwick Hotel Philadelphia.
The restaurant has low lighting and dark woods which gives the restaurant an "Old Hollywood" feel.
The name of the winery is Snoqualmie, and it is located in Washington.


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Customer Reviews & Ratings


Beautiful atmosphere, outstanding staff and fabulous food! One of the best restaurants I have been to in Philly! I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who wants to have an amazing dining experience!

Best steak in the country!  

This is the best steak I have ever had and I have been all over the world. Will like to come back to this restaurant even though I live 3+ hours away.

Great Steaks!  

I read some excellent reviews when I decided to book dinner for my wife's birthday at B & S. It lived up to the hype. Beautiful, casual atmosphere. The steaks were so delicious. My knife practically cut the steak on its own it was so tender. Great spot for city dining.

Great Steaks and Great Ambiance  

My wife and I had a chance to visit Philadelphia and were going to head to Ruth's Cris for a steak. I decided to look around and found Butcher and Singer to be highly rated. I am so glad we took the chance. We had a great experience from the moment we walked in until we walked out the door. Highly recommended! Thanks!

Fabulous in every way!  

This restaurant is definitely one of the experiences that will bring us back to Philly. The staff was amazing, the food impecible and the wine intoxicating! (pun intended) We thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Well worth the price.

Last dinner from a congress week in Phili  

What you have to think about Butcher and Singer in advance? It was a great experience with our party of 16 in a more than perfect restaurant. Let them come to the Netherlands and start a Butcher and Singer restaurant here. Best regards, Harry Roos The Netherlands

Amazing Experience  

The evening we went to Butcher and Singer was our anniversary and I could not imagine spending our celebration at another location. The people at the hostess stand were friendly and welcoming. They made us feel like we were their friends. Also the wait staff, whether our head waitress or a supporting staff who brought food or cleared the table were demonstrating the same welcoming environment. I would in addition like to give much credit to the executive chef...the quality of the food was amazing. I was very happy that evening. Thank you Butcher and Singer!

heartfelt thank you!  

Outstanding. Perfect dining experience to earmark any important event in your life. Kudos to chef, staff and the genius that allowed online booking from a 1000 miles away!


I can not go on enough about this restaurant. The atomosphere is upscale but comfortable, the staff was wonderful, they were not just doing their job, you could tell they wanted you to have a good expierence. Eddie our waiter was great, helped us with choices and made us laugh. The salads were wonderful, the stuffed hashbrown was tasty and of course the steak was out of this world. The dessert I believe was called Baked Alaska left me speechless! At the end of the meal I didn't think it was to pricy at all for the great atomosphere and the amazing food we had with the amazing service. Can't wait to go back!!

A birthday dinner to remember  

My girlfriends and I went to Butcher and Singer to celebrate my birthday this year and all of us had a great time. The drinks were fantastic, the meals were to die for, and the overall experience was one of a very classy night out, exactly what I wanted for my birthday. I even got a candle and a little "Happy Birthday" chocolate on my Baked Alaska, which was very nice touch that I really appreciated. Can't wait to come back!

The best steak in the world  

The Dry Aged Porterhouse for 2 was one of the best meals I've ever tasted at a restaurant. Tender, yet not undercooked, and crispy on the outside. The vegetables were absolutely delicious.

Anniversary Dinner  

My wife and I enjoyed our 40th Anniversary yesterday with dinner at Butcher and Singer. The food was beyond what I had hoped for. My steak was cooked to perfection and my wife's swordfish was simply fantastic. The baked potato resembled a football in size, and the two of us could not finish. The same can be said for the vegetable portions. Everything was just perfect. Our waitress found out it was our anniversary and they provided at no cost, a small dessert of ice cream and a wafer on a dish with the words "Happy Anniversary" written in chocolate with a candle in the center. The service itself was impeccable. We thoroughly enjoyed our anniversary dinner and will not hesitate to go back and enjoy their great atmosphere, delicious food and fantastic service.

Restaurant Week (Luncheon)  

Great value and menu, keep this up!

Food allergies are no issue HERE!  

The waiter was knowledgeable about each dish. The chef was very accommodating. My food allergies (gluten, dairy, eggs, butter,etc.)were no issue. I enjoyed every moment!!!!!


We enjoyed our dinner experience at butcher and Singer. Everything about our meal was fabulous!!

Pleasant Surprise  

Great place for business dinner. Nice decor. Very good food and service

Great experience  

I went to this restaurant on a romantic dinner with my wife and the experience was fantastic - great food, delicious wine and really nice ambience.

My wife's birthday  

this is one of the best restaurants in phila. hands down! The service was the best & atmosphere is great. great location, I can't wait until I get to eat here again

The Best  

The dining experience at Butcher and Singer restaurant was one of the finest ever! I would recommend the establishment to anyone who enjoys excellent food, great service and a wonderful environment! Ted and Maureen Shumaker

Best. Datenight. Ever.  

Absolutely the best meal and night out my wife and I have had in a long time -- maybe ever. The ambience, decor, service, cocktails, food...it all added up to an incredible experience. Go. Just...go.

Outstanding Chow  

There nothing like fine dining and feeling like royalty. These restaurant brings it all. If you want to impress, then seek no further.

Outstanding Chow  

There nothing like fine dining and feeling like royalty. These restaurant brings it all. If you want to impress, then seek no further.


It was a great place to eat!! The food as to die for!! My husband and I had a wonderful time! Can't wait to go back.

Excellence on Walnut Street  

Was a terrific eating experience for both my wife and myself.Fairly expensive but was well worth the evening as we both agreed that it was the nicest restaurant that we have ever eaten in,period.Kudos to the wait staff and chefs for a wonderful outing.

The Best!!!!!!!  

I went there for lunch for Restaurant week and the Butcher Burger and Fries were the best in the city. I would highly recommend this restaurant for lunch or dinner. I am going back for my birthday in a couple of weeks and looking forward to it. The staff were very attentive and friendly. Outstanding experience!!!!!!!!

"Classic" the way it should be!!!  

From the moment you enter the door you are treated as a special guest. Too many restaurants have lost that appeal. Well Butcher and Singer excels at it. Everything was served in a timely manner without rushing you and someone was always close by to anticipate your every need. Side dishes priced slightly high, but when your enjoying the overall personal service experience that you receive from the staff it was well worth the price. We will be back as it has become a new favorite on our trips to Philadelphia.

Wedding Anniversary Dinner  

Everything about our dining experience was excellent. The filet mignon and lobster tail were cooked to perfection. The filet mignon Oscar with crabmeat, asparagus and bernaise sauce was unbelievable. My wife raved about the stuffed hashbrown side dish. The carrot and chocolate cakes were probably the best we've ever had. Celebrating our wedding anniversary could not have been any better. Our waitress was extremely friendly and attentive and the atmosphere was great. We loved the music. Overall, an excellent dining experience. We will definitely return!

Amazing restaurant!  

Loved everything about this restaurant. They took us to the table on time, served us pleasantly and well and the food was terrific! Would not change a thing and would return in a heartbeat next time I am in town.


my fiance went here for the first time and i must say it was excellent. If your going to spend the money, you might as well spend it on good quality of food adn excellent service. Not to mention, the layout of the restaurant is romantic.


exccelent dinner for a birthday celebration, beautiful archiecture and very attentive staff. will return

great place but no a1 sauce;(  

Top notch but no a1 sauce option.


Although I loved my meal from start to finish, the Butcher salad, Porterhouse & Baked Alaska (which is out of this world; I had a bite of my wife's Filet and I immediately was jealous of her main course! Now I have to go back and get that.

good time~  

i enjoyed good time..

Great Evening Out!  

The restaurant atmosphere was superb- great wine selection and ambience was second to none! I prefer my fish a bit more flaky, but my husband raved about his steak and I am certain we will return to enjoy other menu selections!

Breathtaking Environment huge portions!  

The only problem was a silly one. The waiters need to warn you about the size of the portions. They are so large that both appetizers and side dishes are more than enough for 2 people. I am still amazed at how beautiful the room is.

Great Place to Eat  

This was my first time going to this restaurant. The music was very pleasant. It was Frank Sinatra and other music from that period. The waiting staff was very courteous and gave us privacy. The food was good and the wine selections was descent. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to go out and just have a great dinner experience. The noise level was moderate, would be better if it was quieter. Overall an excellent experience.

Bringing Back Class  

Another Stephen Starr hit! Butcher and Singer takes you back to when waiters wore black and white and the drink menu consisted strictly of sidecars, martini's & manhattans( it really does). Cathedral ceilings and chandeliers makes you feel like an honorary member of the rat pack. Food menu is basic and true to the atmosphere but extremely delicious. The service was spot on!

Good experience at Butcher and Singer  

The decor was very nice and the atmosphere was relaxing. We had stopped going to center city Philly for Valentine's Day since all of the resturants were very crowded and rushed. Butcher and Singer, though they had more tables than normal, still maintained privacy and individuality. They went above and beyond to make things perfect.

my night out with the wife  

not so good service food just ok

Not Great  

Dinner was on a Wednesday evening during "Restuarant Week" and may well have suffered from too much of a good thing. The noise level was deafening, the food unexceptional, the steak had to be returned for the requested temperature, all in all not exciting.